Designer Swimwear

If you are able to get your hands on some nice designer swimwear at a great price then buy up as much as you can. I love to wear special bikinis that make me feel super special and pretty. Sometimes it can get boring just wearing the same old bikini, so make sure you have a bunch of different styles so you can amaze all of your fans when you go hanging out at the beach.

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Future of Bikinis

Who knows where the future of bikins will head in the near future. Right now they seem to just get smaller and smaller to the point of just being a piece of string tied around a woman’s body. I think they might evolve into something else with a little bit more cloth to start covering up more of the woman’s body. I think there is a revolution coming.

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Wild Bikinis

If you are into wild and out of this world bikinis, then join the group. I like wearing different bikinis that no other persons are wearing. I really like to mix and match my own colors like black and purple, or white and beige, colors that you don’t normally see just to see if they would go together and pretty much all colors do go together. I love wearing sexy and out of this world bikinis.

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Skimpy Bikinis

How tiny can you wear your bikini without it being vulgar, well have you seen the slingshot bikini? That’s practically some dental floss put together and it’s the newest bikini fashion right now. I don’t personally own a slingshot bikini but a few of my friends do and they really enjoy them. I think the slingshot bikini should be strictly for show.

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Colorful Swimsuits

Whenever you go out to the beach make sure you have on a colorful swimsuit. These days you can find swimsuits in just about any color that you desire and the styles are endless too. I personally love yellow, blue, red, pink, white, black, blue, purple and green all mixed and matched up together. It doesn’t get bored and you look great.

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Bikini Fun

Wearing sexy bikinis is what I like to do. Sometimes I just hang out with my friends and we go to the beach to see what we can get into. I must have tons of different styles and colors of bikinis in my drawer that you wouldn’t believe. If you are a beach lover then you will love this blog. Whenever we hang out it’s so much fun because all of the guys want to hang out with us.

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